November is Senior Pet Month!

Posted by Cascade Veterinary Clinic on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Under: Monthly Specials

20% off Senior Pet and Horse Wellness Exams and Bloodwork during November!

November is senior health month and we want to help keep your pets and horses healthy! If your dog or cat is over 7 years of age, or your horse is over 20, you will receive 20% off of the wellness exam and geriatric bloodwork when both are performed.

Dogs and cats over 7 years, and horses over 20 years of age, should have routine blood work performed to catch diseases like kidney and liver failure, thyroid dysfunction and diabetes early. A general wellness exam will catch heart disease, cancer and dental disease and if caught soon enough, can be managed quite successfully, giving your pet back not only quality of life but quantity too!

By catching these diseases early, we can keep your pets healthy and happy and live much longer than most people expect. Today, it is common for pets to live well into their teens, some into their twenties, thirties in the case of horses. But to do that, they need our help by routine health checks.

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